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Chris & Jarek Seancody 2010 Chris Muscles, Uncut


I’d never heard from Chris in about two years. He was always very shy and I was surprised that he had gotten as much as he had Mitch and Greg. So I was very, very surprised whenout of the blue, I received an email from him. He’d been very busy but things had finally awakened and he was ready to go. Obviously, I said yes!When he finally came, he was cute as ever, but he’d put on more muscle. His arms were a good deal bigger and his biceps were extending the fabric of his shirt. I wanted him to show off what he was doing in the fitness center. So, he and Jarek needed a workout session to find the sweat. They obviously know exactly what they have been doing but it was only a lot more exciting to watch them do it naked their balls dangling in each others faces and bouncing up and down as they completed a pair of pyramid-style pushups. But, what started as a lesson on technique and exercise turned into a significant competition. I loved all of the macho posturing. It felt like it was going to fuel their fucking with some extreme testosterone! Chris got his ass hole and eaten teased and then Jarek went in with his big dick. There was ass pounding, with lots catching and growling. Chris pushed back against Jareks cock hard he wanted it deeper!

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