Mandy Muse Corporal Punishment Finding Her Way

Tags: Bondage   Humiliation   Domination   Corporal Punishment   Deprivation   Mandy Muse

Category: Submission


Date: October 24, 2014

Mandy is new to the world of bondage and discipline. She understands that until she figures out what really gets her pussy moist the maximum, she likes it and wants to try as much of it. Now she visits our collection and gets a taste of the very extreme restraints about the planet.She is locked into her first apparatus that restrains her wrists and head. This can be confusing for most, because their whole body is not controlled, yet they're still held in place and helpless.Her clothes come off, and her sexy body is exposed.The torment comes on slow. We wish to work her up to what is expected of our women. She is placed into a system that accents her incredible ass. The next layer is sensory deprivation, then overload. Her pussy and bum are penetrated, and she gets to experience her most powerful orgasm ever.On her buttocks, strapped down with her legs spread nice and wide, she gets a taste of electrical shock. She's now getting the complete DB expertise it's twisted glory in all.

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