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Tags: Handler   Hot Wax   Submission   Wax   Corporal Punishment   Metal Bondage

Category: Kinky Fetish

From: devicebondage

Date: June 5, 2007

It's time to start shooting. She is already soaking wet when I pull her hair. She is pounding her knees on the ground and trying to lift her skirt. My asshook is ready and waiting for her. She is pulling her skirt up and pulling her head back, pushing me forward to push her. With her legs extended, I tie her up in a basket. Hot wax is poured on her inner thighs, nipples and labia. At first she squeals in pain, but then her eyes glaze over and soon her moans are replaced by cheers of joy. Her tongue is exposed and she catches any wax drips in her mouth. She flexes and curls her toes. She tries to bite me, and she swivels her head around. She is so intense that she almost loses her consciousness. She wants more after we are done.

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