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We Swing Both Ways, Scene #01 Devilsfilm 2018 Liv Revamped Bisexual, Latina


Whenu00a0Lances childhood friend comesu00a0to stay with him andu00a0his wifeu00a0Liv shenanigansu00a0soonu00a0follow.u00a0Pooru00a0Pierceu00a0has gone throughu00a0au00a0veryu00a0traumatic time and cannot stayu00a0at home alone and needs company. Apparently even when he takes au00a0bath as Liv soonu00a0finds heru00a0husbandu00a0in the tub with him. Is heru00a0husband Lance a homosexual? He claimsu00a0he isu00a0not and they areu00a0justu00a0good friendsu00a0but Liv decides to put it tou00a0the test andu00a0see ifu00a0he will share Pierces cock with her. You bet he will. Its a fun filled evening of bisexual love as the childhoodu00a0friends get hot and nasty as they shareu00a0Lances wife.

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